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10 clever ways of decorating with posters

10 clever ways of decorating with posters

How to decorate with posters? We list 10 styling tips that show you how to decorate with posters in different ways and are sure to get your inspiration flowing. Follow along!


Posters with colors that interact


1. Let colors interact
Choose a few basic colors and a motif based on color. With our easy to use filter and sorting tool you can find posters in specific colors. 



Black and white posters


2. Stylish with black and white
Nothing is easier than combining your interior design with black and white posters – they fit all rooms and styles. Create your own personal gallery wall with only black and white posters – super stylish!



Posters on display shelves


3. Posters on display shelves
Placing framed posters on display shelves is perfect for when you have limited space, for example in a hallway or on a wall that isn’t very wide.



Posters build tall


4. Build tall
Building something vertically demands less wall space, but gives a certain effect and is a wonderful option for using free space.



Combine posters with furniture


5. Combine posters with furniture
It's great to match the style of your posters with the style of your furniture, both in color, shape and finish. For example, rustic furniture in natural materials such as wood can be nicely matched with abstract posters in natural colors such as brown or sand.



Posters Perfect Pair


6. Perfect pair
Choose two matching posters and hang them together. Simple, effective and easy to hang in basically any home!



Large gallery wall with posters


7. Build big
It takes a lot of space and you’ll be investing more – but wow, it really is something else! Filling an entire wall with framed posters isn’t something a lot of people do, but something that more people should dare to do!



Poster adapted to the feeling of the room


8. Adapt the feeling to the room
Choosing a color palette and a message that harmonizes with your room creates a complete picture. That’s why, in the bedroom, we often choose dampened nuances of calming colors in combination with calming photos and messages. 



Posters with abstract theme


9. Consistent theme
Let design with inspiration from a common theme fill your walls. Combining color and shape from our abstract posters is an easy and neat way to create a red thread in your gallery wall.



Large Poster


10. Art in a big format
A really gorgeous art poster can be hung up in a large format. One of our favorites is the Fernend Leger No2 Poster.

Good luck!