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Picture Frames
Frames by Gallerix
Quality Frames

Picture Frames

Our high quality picture frames lets you fashion wall art in a style that speaks to you. Our high quality frames are ergonomic and versatile; they are easily openable and can be hung vertically as well as horizontally. Affordable does not always mean a sacrifice in quality. In our store you can find inexpensive posters and frames that will pleasingly decorate any room in your home or your office.

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Beautiful picture frames

Beautiful posters need beautiful picture frames. We offer a wide and carefully selected assortment of picture frames for posters in sizes 21x30, 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. All picture frame sizes have a nice, thin profile that is 9-12mm wide and 20-22mm deep. All picture frames can be hung both horizontally and vertically to fit your poster.

Picture frame colors and materials

We offer a carefully selected assortment of both wooden picture frames and metal picture frames. Wood is a natural and renewable material. Our wooden picture frames in black and white color have a double finish which gives them an even and perfect surface with no defects. Our oak picture frames are made from 100% solid oak with a naturally beautiful surface. Metal picture frames are available in gold, silver, copper, black and white color.

Easy mounting of your picture frames

All models and sizes of our picture frames are equipped with swivel clips on the back, which makes it quick and easy to mount posters. They also have mounting hooks to be able to be hung both horizontally and vertically depending on the motif.

Crystal clear plexiglass

All of our poster frames and picture frames have an extra thick, shatterproof plexiglass. When delivered, there is a plastic sheet on each side of the glass, protecting it from dirt and scratches. Carefully remove the plastic before hanging your frame on the wall.

Our picture frames

  • High quality
  • Crystal clear plexiglass
  • Double finish
  • Size (cm): 21x30, 30x40, 50x70, 70x100
  • Swivel clips
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
Customer service

If you have questions about our picture frames, please contact our customer service. You can contact customer service through the form on our website or by sending an email. We always reply as fast as we can, normally within 24 hours. Welcome to Gallerix!