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Custom Map Poster

Create a unique map poster from any location in the world. All maps are customizable based on one of our templates. Choose which color combinations you want and what kind of ram pressure to suit your picture best. Our poster maps are available in three different sizes; 30x40cm, 50x70cm and 70x100cm.

We print our posters maps on a carefully selected 240 gsm semi matte, high quality premium paper especially developed for photorealistic posters and prints. All posters maps are also hand embossed with our unique seal which gives the print an exclusive feel and look.
Customize text and style
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Available in different sizes
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Custom map print

Custom map print from Gallerix

A Custom map poster isn’t just a map. A custom map poster is a personalized map with a unique design, created based on a place, or an important event in a place, that often means something very special. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Where do you live? Where did you meet or where did you get married? The possibilities are endless when you create your own unique map poster, as a world map, a city map, famous or not so famous place in the world. Which place do you choose?

Design your own map poster

To create and order your very own map poster is easy. Go to our design tool and start by choosing a place for your custom poster map. It could be a country, a city or another place wherever in the world you like. With our GPS tool, your coordinates will automatically be found and printed on the bottom of your map. If you change places, the coordinates will change. You can also choose to not include coordinates and instead write anything you like. It could be a memory, a name, a greeting, a message or a small note. You choose.

Edit text, style and color

In step 1, when you start customizing your map poster, select the text that will appear on your map poster. The name of the location you selected is automatically printed as a heading, but can be changed if desired. Below the heading is a subheading that is automatically printed as the name of the country from the location you have selected. This can also be changed and customized. If the place you have chosen is Stockholm, the title of your map entry will be Stockholm and the subheading Sweden. The text can be changed and personalized to, for example, "Where we met" or "Where we got married". In step 2, when designing your own map, first select a theme. The theme controls the typographic design of your map. Choose from the styles "Original", "Basic", "Modern", "Boxed" and "Gin". Then you choose the style that governs what the framing of your poster should look like. Here you can choose between "Classic" which is the style for classic map items, "Poster" which frames your map with a beautiful thin white framing, or "Borderless" which is an outstanding option where the map covers your entire poster. Then you choose which color you want on your map poster and finally you choose if you want a white or black road network. The many options allow you to combine hundreds of different designs and create your completely unique map poster.

Frame your custom map poster

Make sure you frame your map poster so it becomes a beautiful detail on your wall. We have a carefully selected range of high quality frames in black, white and solid oak. Our frames are available in matching sizes to posters of 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. It can be really nice to combine two map posters next to each other as a perfect pair.

Our paper

  • 200 grams
  • Beautiful matte surface
  • High bulk
  • Durable
  • FSC Environmentally certified
Environmental responsibility

We take responsibility for our production and we work for a sustainable environment. We support the organisation OneTreePlanted and for every tree we use in our production, we plant two new ones. By doing so, we make sure our production is sustainable and that we take responsibility for mother nature, both today and tomorrow.

Customer service

Do you need help with your order, or do you have any questions about our maps? Please contact customer service via our form on our website, or send us an email. We usually reply within 24 hours. Welcome!