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Abstract posters

Abstract art has a unique place in the world. It is the only mode of expression with the capacity to give perceivable form to impalpable things. It is the realm of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It is the ambition of abstract art to achieve something seemingly impossible; to encapsulate immaterial things in a material form. At its best, abstract art is far from being a straight road, instead being a great multidimensional maze which, given an appropriate level of attention, might be both difficult to go into and difficult to get out of. While we don’t consider any of the pictures we accept into our gallery to be unimaginative, the more abstract ones take imaginativeness to a whole new level.

Abstract posters and abstract art

Posters and prints with abstract art

Few art styles inspire and fascinate in the same way as abstract art. Abstract art is often the very definition of what we refer to as art when we talk about modern art or art online. When you are looking for a posters and prints that should stand out, one that people can admire and that viewers can marvel at, motifs from the category of abstract art are the obvious choice. Abstract prints, paintings and abstract posters provide space for interpretation in a way that no other category does. From the simple minimalist abstract posters, often in bright and saturated colors, to detailed paintings and creative illustrations. Our abstract posters are produced partly by our own designers and illustrators but also by established artists and illustrators.

Buy Abstract prints

If you want to buy abstract art prints and posters, you should visit At Gallerix, you will find a wide range of posters with abstract art that are suitable to hang both as individual paintings in large format or as part of a gallery wall. Posters with abstract art are an obvious part of a modern and trendy interior. Combine abstract prints in matching colors to create a perfect balance.

Types of abstract art prints

Within abstract art there are several different styles. At Gallerix you can find carefully selected abstract posters and prints within abstract art subcategories such as line art drawings, illustrations, watercolor, graphic art, pencil drawings and geometrical designs. It doesn't matter if your home decor is modern with open spaces and bright walls or a warm aesthetic with lots of details, there is something for everybody in the abstract art category. No other art form is as expressive as abstract art. Let your posters and prints create a contrasting image in your home, and make it a central piece in your home decor. Or choose a motif that complements your style and furniture. You’ll surely find an abstract poster that fits perfectly in your home.

Combine abstract art prints

Posters from the abstract category are often great to hang individually, and in large formats, but they also work perfectly as part of a modern and trendy gallery wall. No gallery wall is complete without abstract posters. Combine your abstract posters with posters from the Text category or the Botanical category to create a trendy and stylish gallery wall.