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A room full of life

Posters Animals

Our beautiful and stylish posters with animal prints are suitable for most rooms and decor styles. The shapes and colors of animals both inspires and impresses us. Match posters with animal prints with posters from other categories when creating your gallery wall.

Posters with animals

Posters with animal prints

At Gallerix you will find a wide range of posters and prints with animals. In our category Animals we have collected beautiful animal motifs and animal paintings with amazing pictures of animals such as lion, tiger, horse, giraffe, owl, bear, zebra, flamingo and elephant. We also have animal posters with insects and birds that complement our collection of wild animal posters. Posters with animals brings life to your walls and home decor in a way that few other categories are able to do. Animal posters are also very much appreciated by both adults and kids and animal posters are often the children’s favorites.

Home decor with animal prints

To use animal posters in your home decor is a perfect way to bring nature into your home. Among our animal posters you will find beautiful photos, stylish animal illustrations, art paintings and text posters. We have animal posters and prints in both color and black & white. Black and white animal prints fit well with modern decorations and they’re also easy to combine with posters from other categories. We often use animal posters when we create our own gallery walls. If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend checking out one of our own gallery walls which you’ll find here on the site or on Instagram.

Wild animals posters and prints

Pictures of wild animals have always been fascinating. Let our animal posters become a part of your home decor or gallery wall. Wild animal posters are great to hang individually in a large format, or as a part of a gallery wall. Discover our popular posters with lions, elephants giraffes, tigers and bears. From lions on the savanna in South Africa to polar bears at the North pole.

Decorate with animal prints

Our animal posters and prints are available for both older and younger, adults and children. Beautiful photos of wild animals work well in the living room, the hallway, the dining room or the bedroom. In the Children’s posters category there are cute illustrations of animals, beautiful photos and playful animals and posters with cartoon animals. All of our posters are available in the sizes 21x30, 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. Frame your animal poster with one of our stylish picture frames in wood or metal.