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Typography posters Posters
Quotes and Sayings

Typography posters

Our typographic collection of posters is designed to bring you the most memorable, inspiring, and essential messages contained in stylish fonts and lettering. They might be our most universal and visually-neutral posters, giving you the opportunity to hang them anywhere you like and to match them with any other pictures you are fond of. With ideas it is especially vital for you to not be limited by stylistic considerations; hence the neutrality and simplicity of this idea-driven genre of wall art. The color of your walls or furniture should not prevent you from displaying a thought that makes you light up.

Typography posters

Buy typography posters with text and quotes

In our category Text posters you’ll find posters with quotes, posters with sayings and posters with words in cool typography. Posters with text and words are nice to combine with art posters and illustrations, when creating a gallery wall. Text posters, often white background with black text, create dynamics in bigger contexts. Furthermore, text posters are interesting to read and look at. No matter which style you’ve chosen for your home, there’s always room for a nice and interesting text poser. Which words will you choose?

Wide range of posters with text

At Gallerix you find a large selection of posters and with text in different styles and looks. “Together is our favorite place to be”, “Peace of mind”, “Home”, “Hope” and “Love” are some of our favorites and bestsellers. We also have a wide selection of graphic text posters, such as “Coco Chanel”, “A real man ruins lipstick not mascara” and “Move over coffee”. There’s also lots to choose from among our quote posters. We have quotes from artists, musicians, actors and other famous people.

Picture frames for your text posters

A nice text poster also needs a nice picture frame. Our high quality frames are made of wood or metal, and each frame comes with an extra thick crystal clear plexiglass. Both our text posters and frames are available in size 21x30, 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. We print our text posters on a 200 gram premium high quality paper. Order your posters and frames from Gallerix. Welcome!